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A public event was posted on the Town website, a meet and greet by Tony Zurawski. The email was an automatic notification that people signed up to receive. Mrs. Moody contacted the Wisconsin election commission trying to discredit the town, clerk, and candidate. The election commission’s response, “Nothing in this post would be prohibited.”

The meet and greet was an excellent idea. Maybe the Moody’s are disappointed they didn’t think of it and decided to just crash the event instead of planning one of their own.

Two of the candidates have young children. Mr. Moody was asked not to record the event because of the children and yet Mr. Moody admitted his camera ran for 5.5 hours regardless of the request. I wonder if all who attended knew they were being filmed and why? This shows the lack of caring about people that both Moody’s exhibit. Mr. Moody’s camera in your face all the time is inappropriate and nonproductive and why?

Again, the Moody camp contacted the elections commission regarding the yard signs because they do not state who paid for them, unbelievable. Turns out they do not have to say who paid for them, if it wasn’t the candidate. Again, dirty tactics from the Moody camp, win at all cost and destroy whoever opposes you.

In our area it’s difficult to find good people to give of their time and skills, so you attack them. One of the children asked their Dad, “Why these people are mean to them, when they are trying to serve their town,” is heartbreaking.

The CAFO problem/solution will be determined by our County and the DNR. Zurawski, Lesak and Doornink have the experience to step in and add value to our town. Review their skill/experience sets and accomplishments along with how they treat and get along with people.

In Mrs. Moody’s write up “I desire to be a positive influence for the town of trade lake,” that would be wonderful, feel free to start anytime. You do not have to be on the town board to do that. Many of us think they continue to add gas to the fire to help divide our town.

Why do you think our excellent supervisors are stepping down and our clerk will be next?

The something that smells in Trade Lake is, the stinking attitudes of some.

Richard Hess, Trade Lake