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One more week.

In just a few days it will be back. In full bloom. It will be played on streets, in backyards, on dirt fields and freshly mowed lawns. Some people will play it on a fake surface called astroturf while others will enjoy it while sitting with 50,000 of their new best friends while drinking beer and screaming at millionaires.

That’s right people, it will soon be football season.

The sport that encompasses weekends. Friday nights are the important ones for high school. But don’t forget about Saturday and then the pure joy that encompasses a good Sunday of football.

You wake up, head on into church then it’s onto the couch for the rest of the day.

The Green Bay Packers still have my beloved Aaron Rodgers, but that’s about it. Clay Matthews is gone and the team parted way with Coach Mike McCarthy last year. In my opinion it was five years late, but it’s better than keeping a guy around just because of one title.

Based on principle, I don’t watch preseason football. It is a waste. Nobody is really trying besides the 40 guys on each team that will eventually be cut by the team before Labor Day.

While I’ve always been a Packers fan, I am no fool. I can see that the Minnesota Vikings aren’t the laughing stock they usually are. There were the years the Vikings had Randy Moss and Daunte Culpepper

But hey, at least you’re not the Chicago Bears. They had one of the “greatest” quarterbacks of all time – Jay Cutler. He was always my favorite. It was tough to see him retire.

And how about those concussions and other injuries? They’re terrifying, right?

I mean thank goodness I was too lazy to keep playing past freshman year of high school. Yikes, I have enough back and hip problems. Just imagine if I spent three extra years slamming into other fat kids.

In seventh grade I sprained my wrist trying to block one of those other fat kids. I thought he was not very strong, pair that with being overconfident in my own strength. And that’s how I survived my first trip to urgent care.

Went in with tremendous pain, came out with my arm in a sling and still in tremendous pain.

So, here’s to football and hoping scientists can eventually come up with the perfect helmet to avoid players losing brain cells when smashing into each other.

The title for this column was ripped off from the original made for TV movie “Dr. Suess’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas” released in 1966.

Well, that’s all I got for this week.

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See ya next week.