I woke up this morning to a fresh sheet of snow in front of my house, like most of you probably did.

My street was not plowed but Highway 70 looked and was pretty good during my 20-minute drive in to the office. It is really great that when it snows in the middle of the night the county doesn’t shut down and decide against plowing the roads.

The suburbs of Milwaukee struggle with this a lot this time of year. They would rather load the streets with salt and hope that takes care of it. Also I’m glad people up here don’t all of a sudden forget how to drive when it starts to snow. It always amazes me that people down south just forget everything about driving when it gets cold.

So let’s take a moment to thank the highway department and their combination of plows, salt and brine mixture for making sure the main roads in the county are cleared for the morning commutes.

A church sign told me as I was driving in this morning that Thanksgiving is not a day, it’s a lifestyle.

It is important to remember with everything going on in our own lives that it’s important to give back. Even in times when it feels like things are falling apart I remember a saying I heard as a kid, someone has always got it worse than you or someone could always use a helping hand.

I learned it in Sunday School growing up that giving is much more important than receiving this time of year.

Last year I gave a list of my top five foods for Thanksgiving, starting with five it was Brussels sprouts (or any green vegetable), the obligatory dinner roll, turkey and stuffing. And the number one Thanksgiving food is pumpkin pie. However, stuffing and pie are almost a tie.

This time of year is great for lovers of Stove Top stuffing and I love Stove Top. It is the most wonderful side dish this time of year. I don’t care if you shove it in the turkey or make it on its own. If it was all not empty carbs and loaded with sodium, I would eat it year-round.

It is a fairly idiot-proof dish, which is why grocery stores should have it on sale year-round. All a person has to do with Stove Top is boil some water, add some butter then add the contents of the box, take it off the heat and cover it for five minutes. Just make sure you stir it well or you’ll have two really flavorful bites and about ten really bland forks full of soggy bread crumbs.

It’s so easy even your cooking illiterate (insert family member here) can figure it out.

Other randomness

It’s nice when the Packers play on Thursday, it really frees up my weekend.

Lastly, The Beatles re-released “The Beatles” commonly referred to as “The White Album” and since the mega-release is five and a half hours long it has taken me some time to listen to it an adequate amount. But my thoughts on that will be in this space next week.

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See ya next week.