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Dear Editor:

Growing up in a small town in Iowa, I spent many Saturdays working on a hog farm.

At the Trade Lake town board meeting Thursday, April 18, I found myself questioning a fair amount of what was said and what was not said. I’m going to address only two items of the many items discussed at the meeting. The first being the smell emitting from hog operations.

Jeff Sauer said these hog barns would have a little smell. I find this questionable at best. 6.8 million gallons of pig poop is going to be hard on your nose. In the DNR Environmental Questionnaire for siting this operation, question No. 14 asks about the impacts to neighboring communities, houses, businesses and farms. It is easy to answer question 14 as negative.

Who wants to drive by a stinky pig barn on the way to the lake, or worse, sit in your yard and smell it? Good luck selling your house then in that area. At the present time, there are a number of lots on the Trade Lake for sale, and they may have gotten a lot harder to sell. If you are a contractor, good luck building a house in the Trade Lake area any time soon when people get wind of what may be happening in the town of Trade Lake.

My second item is Jim Melin, Town Board Chairman who is selling his land for the operation and being one of the few who will profit from this hog operation. There seems to be a conflict of interest with his involvement in this project. He says there is not. Read the State of Wisconsin Code of Ethics for Public Officials and Employees section 19.59 and decide for yourself.

To the organic farmer attending the meeting, it was disgraceful the way you got treated.

If you don’t want the hog operation in our area, then get involved!

Howard Pahl

Polk and Burnett County Resident since 1978