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In Webster, over the weekend the students put on The Addams Family musical and it was very good. The doom and gloom of the day fit perfectly with the weather outside.

As I was leaving Siren, for the first time without any jacket or sweatshirt, I thought it’s muggy outside but at least it’s not raining. After going through the roundabout that all changed. As soon as I drove past the Government Center it began to drizzle and was raining as I got to the high school for the play in their Cafetorium. But I do always appreciate the free car wash we all get when it rains. (Always thinking about the positives.)

Weather is usually the starting point of my weekly phone calls with my grandma. We tend to start there and then go into other things happening in our lives. She was very happy that they had an abundance of sunlight and then I told her it was nothing but clouds and grayness Sunday.

My grandmother, on my mom’s side, Betty Mae Schannauer lives in Gouglersville, Penn. so I jokingly told her, “oh so you’re hogging all the sunshine on the East Coast? OK, I get how it is!”

Then we chuckled, and I told her about a recent story my niece, her great-granddaughter told me. She is four years old and a few weeks ago was a flower girl, so I got the story from her and told Betty.

“Yes, Uncle Jonathan, I had to walk real slow down the aisle and I had to keep smiling,” she told me. She’s four and incredibly funny. “Then there was this guy taking photos of me, so I had to make sure I smiled for him, y’know for the pictures.”

My brother said the first time she went to the aisle, she was practically sprinting. So, it took a couple of tries but she eventually did it perfectly. She also told me it was a very long day for her.

Then she had weddings and marriage on her brain and asked my brother if I was married and he told her no and she responded, “well I think he should be, it’d be good for him.”

It was a lovely sentiment from her and she even gave me some guidelines on what I should be looking for in a bride. It’s a short list with only two prerequisites. My future wife, according to my niece, should be nice and she can’t already be married.

Simple enough, right?

So Betty and I laughed about that for a while and then we chatted about the stresses in life. She was able to calm me down, sort of.

See, I’m a worrier who tends to overthink things. Example, I need a new vacuum cleaner. I will be spending at least a week matching prices, checking reviews and even going on YouTube to see if they have videos so I can gauge the noise.

I do all this to make sure I don’t just buy the first one I see at Walmart.

Jonathan Richie is the editor of the Burnett County Sentinel. He can be reached at 715-463-2341 or by email at