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There is an addiction in our society that no one is talking about. We have an addiction to the super mini-computers we keep in our pockets (most of the time just inches away from our reproduction organs).

So, now that I’ve scared you into reading this column, I’ll explain this addiction – it’s our phones. Those things that keep us tethered to the rest of the world, the reason we are always reachable, it also has all our personal information and is used as a GPS, calculator, camera and even a flashlight.

Where was I? Oh yeah, foreign films are the answer to this addiction.

A friend came over the other night and she wanted to watch the film “Parasite”. The film is based in South Korea and, as far as I could tell, the actors were speaking Korean the whole time except for three or four English phrases.

For two hours and twelve minutes, I did not pick up my phone once. It felt great.

I have a hard time just not looking at my phone. Sometimes I’ll just pick it up because I need to do something with my hands.

You may have this issue, or you may not. It’s probably something that affects young people more than older because the older generation has lived a majority of their lives without this technology so it’s not a compulsory thing like us young people.

As soon as the credits started rolling, I grabbed my phone and saw I had missed a phone call from my mom, a pair of texts and some other useless notifications. Nothing life-changing.

What would happen if I didn’t look at it for a whole day?

We would lose our tether to the outside world and then they would have to focus on what’s happening around us and talk to people’s faces.

That may be tough.

The real issue now is I have to find a number of foreign language films so I’m not always looking at my phone.

Or I could just build up some self-control. Only time will tell.

Presidents Day

George Washington would be turning 288 years old this Saturday. As our first president, he has a lot of fame, however, he was not able to make money from speaking engagements or the lifelong secret service detail or even the lucrative book deal. So, it makes sense we turn his birthday into a celebration of all 45 U.S. Presidents.

And finally, I will leave you with my favorite quote attributed, even if it’s false attribution, to a president.

Michael Scott from The Office said of the 16th president, “Abraham Lincoln once said, ‘If you are a racist, I will attack you with the North.”