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“Oh you haven’t yet, but you’ve seen ‘em right? Yeah, they come outta nowhere and don’t swerve. You swerve and may launch yourself off the road. You probably won’t have time to brake either.”

That is a quote I remember vividly. It was from an older gentleman I met at the grocery store about a week after moving to Siren. He was talking about deer and the hassles they cause on the road.

And it finally happened to me. I was driving home from Cumberland Thursday evening. There they were, two of them, about the width of my Buick apart as they darted across the road. In the moment, which has been slowed down to about 8,000 microseconds in my head, I thought there was enough space, and if I just coasted in between them, I could avoid hitting both of them.

I took my foot off the gas, eased over the center line slightly, and missed the deer in front, but the second one was not so lucky. She stuck her head out and blew up my headlight with her face.

I got out and that deer was dead. The last thing I would want to do is leave an animal suffering on the side of the road. There did not look to be any real damage to the car besides the side panel/molding was probably broken and the headlight.

My car was able to make it back to Siren without issue and hopefully, the headlight which houses my turn signal will be fixed by next week (fingers crossed.)

When I moved to Burnett County one of the first things a number of people told me was, it was going to happen, so I’m just glad I was somewhat ready for it.

I should not have been surprised, it was the third pair of deer I had seen on my drive back. So, even being as careful as possible did not help me avoid the collision.

Now moving onto the movie portion. As an avid rock ‘n’ roll fan, I always enjoy a good biopic on musicians and their songs released before I was born. For example, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, based on the music of Queen and the life of Freddie Mercury.

So, last week I finally got around to watching it. The Live Aid scene alone is why people should watch it. Or maybe just go on YouTube and watch the original.

It was an OK film. I’m not a Queen expert, but from what I have read it’s not entirely accurate. And that is not surprising either. Hollywood makes movies that are designed to sell tickets, and they rarely let the real story get in the way of that.

What has intrigued me about the film is they are talking about making a sequel. Spoiler alert, Mercury dies at the end, so he would not be in any potential sequel. So the only thing in the sequel would be when Paul Rodgers of Bad Company and American Idol Adam Lambert joined the band.

It would kind of be like if they made a movie about The Doors after Jim Morrison died.

But I am certain surviving members of Queen, John Deacon, Brian May, and Roger Taylor would get a nice payday from another movie.