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Dear Editor,

Climate change is real, and science supports my opinion. According to scientists, our earth has experienced five, or perhaps six Ice Ages, all of which occurred prior to the appearance of man. Science. This occurred over 30 billion plus years. Now politicians, sighting questionable science, claim that the next episode of climate change will be entirely caused by the “New Kid on the Block”, mankind. Never mind that one volcano eruption creates WAY more CO2 than all of the SUV’s, factories, coal powered electrical plants, and factories in the world. Never mind that the U.S. is currently the principal country with the best record for cleaning up our CO2 emissions. Never mind that China and India are the worst offenders of producing CO2, and other pollutants. We in the U.S., according to the Paris Climate Accord, are primarily responsible to significantly change our way of life in order to save “the earth”, while the rest of the civilized world is free to continue polluting. The idea that “mankind” is solely responsible for the earths next episode of “climate change” demonstrates the depth of our self-importance. Pathetic.

Robin Blomberg, Danbury