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“The question arises at this point, why are there so many black sheep in journalism? Why so many ‘fakes?’ Why is the epidemic of ‘yellow journalism’ so prevalent? This phrase is applied to newspapers which delight in sensations, crime, scandal, smut, funny pictures, caricatures and malicious of frivolous gossip about persons and things of no public interest.”

Horace White wrote that in 1904 in The North American Review in an essay titled “The School of Journalism.”

White was a reporter with the Chicago Tribune in 1858, covering Abraham Lincoln before he lived in the White House. White stayed at the paper as editor until 1874.

Let’s stick with the White House theme and talk politics.

Yes, the conversation we all want to have. Not the actual Impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, because that’s over and we can move on.

Isn’t it funny how two groups of people can see evidence so differently?

If you ask one person, they say President Trump is the greatest thing to happen to this country and can do no wrong. Then hop over to the other side of the aisle and they believe the same person is ruining this country and is always lying.

There’s just too much mudslinging in politics. Trump supporters are called sycophants while those who disagree with him are labeled un-American.

Why? I have a strong suspicion of what the cause is and you’re not going to like it.

It’s us.

We are the problem. Well us and cable news – the wasteland of information. Just take the White quote and add cable news to the line about newspapers delighting in sensationalism.

CNN is basically professional wrestling. They find two people on the left and two on the right, throw a topic out and watch them fight for five to seven minutes then Anderson Cooper throws it to commercial.

The big three in cable news is made up of CNN, Fox News and MSNBC.

Are the big three cable news networks black sheep? Are they attempting to bring back yellow journalism when the only thing that matters is the sensationalism?

This is how people become entrenched in their views and cable news talking heads are good at fanning the flames of distrust on the other side.

Before I step off my soapbox, I’d like to invite you all to join me with not watching cable news in February and see how the month goes.

No longer will we be swayed by the idiot box in our house that tries to tell us how and what to think.

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