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The perfect bowl of brussels sprouts is always paired with butter and heavy salt and peppering.

Everybody knows this, right?

As a kid, I was not a fan of these tiny cabbages. I think it’s because my parents, like most parents, wanted us to eat healthy as kids but I was rebel and was determined to live by my own rules.

Brussels sprouts and lima beans were my least favorite green option growing up, although, I still don’t trust lima beans.

Also, I’m pretty sure taste buds evolve. I used to dislike sauerkraut. But as soon as I can watch a baseball game again I will certainly have a bratwurst with some kraut on it and the world will be back to normal (I hope).

There have been columns in the past where I mention my relationships with this leafy vegetable. In response, I have gotten some recipe suggestions for how to handle brussels sprouts.

I usually depend on boiling them. It’s quick and easy. But one reader asked me to try roasting them in the oven with oil. I tried it a few times, not a bad way to enjoy them at all.

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve had more time to practice these techniques.

During the pandemic, most people have had to rely on cooking their food and I have used this opportunity to step up my game.

Don’t get me wrong, I still rely heavily on frozen pizza, hamburger helper and tacos – I can make those meals with my eyes closed. Also, I can cook/make/prepare anything that comes in a box with directions on the side. I am really good at following directions.

I am a pretty good home cook. Breakfast is where I thrive; pancakes, oatmeal and all four ways to prepare eggs. (I only believe in scrambled, fried, boiled eggs and omelets. I understand they can be poached, but I would just rather eat sunny side up).

Lunch is easy, I can make pretty much any type of sandwich.

But dinner has been tricky.

I’m trying to eat less red meat, not for any reason in particular.

I had a box of instant rice in the cupboard, so I decided to make fried rice with it.

After making my rice on Friday, the recipe said to use day-old rice, I started making the fried rice Saturday.

I diced some onions, scrambled a couple of eggs, and then thought about using some brussels sprouts in them just to see if I can pull it off. But then decided it would be better to use the frozen peppers I had in the freezer.

It was the right decision. However, I did half my brussels on Sunday and sautéed them on the stove with some butter in a hot pan.

And of course, I used a liberal amount of salt and pepper. Don’t mess with the perfect formula.