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What a lovely bunch of snow we received over the holiday weekend?

I was lucky enough to return from Thanksgiving weekend to a driveway cleaner than some of the roads I was driving (one of the few reasons renting is better than owning.)

The calendar has now turned to December, so the snow is expected and as we all know it’s going to continue to get colder. The days are short so most of us are leaving and getting home from work in the dark. But when the sun does shine though it’s a wonderful sight.

This is the last month of the year. It is also the last month of the decade.

I was watching something on TV the other day and the announcer said, “this is the last sale of the decade” and then some stuff about “buy, buy, buy.” That phrase got me thinking about many things including time and change.

Last time a decade ended I was a freshman in college and a lot has changed since that moment in 2009. I’ve attended both of my brothers’ weddings in the last ten years, along with my dad’s wedding.

In the last ten years, new members have been welcomed to the Richie family with my niece and nephew.

A few other things include college graduation, working a crappy part-time job, leaving the crappy part-time job, getting my article published, getting paid for my first article published, first front-page story, accepting a new job, moving to Siren and starting to pay off student debt.

Most of those things will be defined by this decade for me. Lots of changes, good and bad, but all-important as I continue my role as a helpful and functioning member of society.

The next question is obvious, what’s in store for the next decade? 2020 through 2029 – by the end I will almost be (yikes!) 40 years old. I have an aggressive strategy to have my student loans paid off within seven years without having to refinance or go into default. Other than that, I do not have any plans for the next 10 years, so I should probably get on that and be prepared for what’s next.

Well, maybe I’ll finish my novel about a failed stand-up comedian in the 50s that finds his voice in the counter-culture of the 1960s then finds himself mixed up with hippies and the FBI. But you’ll have to wait for the hardcover copy for the whole story.

Medical professionals say that introspection and reflection is good for your body and your mind. Go ahead and think about this decade and the upcoming one. What went well and what didn’t? 

It will feel good.