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This year the Sentinel hosted Main Street Treats. It was the inaugural year and feedback has been incredibly positive. Photos from the event along with the winner of the costume contest can be found in this paper.

The biggest mistake we made was not having an official counter standing at the door keeping tally of all the children coming through the office. We may bring in one of those old-school turn-style machines for next year like they have at baseball stadiums and train stations.

But with all joking pushed aside, we have been hearing phenomenal feedback on the event including the fact that we had upwards of 70 children safely trick or treating from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. We had some cold winds, but other than that the weather was good and the youngsters showed up in their finest costumes ranging from lions and sharks to transformers and princesses.

We also heard a lot of good feedback from the community.

“This is great for our small little town.”

“I didn’t expect to see this many kids in Grantsburg for this. It’s really good for our community.”

“This is great. I’m really glad you guys did this.”

“It’s nice that you had the photo booth and the pictures turned out great.”

Those are just a few of the comments we heard from community members.

It was an event that has been done at our sister paper, The Osceola Sun, for several years. Our sales representative Roberta Hein brought the idea into our office and got the ball rolling. The idea was to have a feel-good event for local businesses and also have a little fun with the costumes. And to give children candy, that was a big part of this too.

The Sentinel staff even showed up for the event in our group costume – M&Ms. Even if one of the employees, who shall remain nameless, because he said, “I only dress up as Reggie White or something from The Office for Halloween,” was against the group costume from the beginning.

Spoiler alert - that staff member was me. Later in the week, I had a conversation with the boss about our costumes and I had told him I was selected as the blue M&M.

“Oh… is the blue M&M the one always hurling wisecracks?” he said. If that’s what I’m known for – great. I love having a smart mouth as long as it doesn’t get me into trouble.

There was this one time, well actually three or four times, it has gotten me into trouble but those are stories for another time.

I would like to thank everyone that helped to make Main Street Treats a success. We will discuss how it went and some minor changes will be made to ensure next year is even better with the possibility of expanding. If you have any suggestions do not hesitate to contact me or the Sentinel office as we are already planning for next year.