The Wisconsin legislature is in session and it’s once again time to keep an eye on what lawmakers (and special interests) want to change in the lawbooks.

“Thou shalt not avenge, nor bear any grudge against the children of thy people, but thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself: I am the Lord.” — Leviticus 19:18 King James version.

Censorship is a strong word. Great care should be used before using it. In a newsroom, people tend to get pretty up in arms when they are accused of censorship because it is the opposite of what we try to do each and every day.

“I have fond memories of shoveling snow,” – said no one ever.

Regular readers of my column know I’m a fan of movies from the 1930s and 40s. One of my favorites is “The Thin Man,” made in 1934, starring William Powell and Myrna Loy as Nick and Nora Charles, the married couple that solves murder mysteries.

“Would you want to do this on Groundhog Day?” Jim Halpert asks his boss, Michael Scott, on the NBC hit show The Office.

We are near the end of January and the wheels of the federal and state governments are again turning. Lawmakers are deciding the best way to tackle the issues of the day: getting the economy moving, dealing with the impacts of the coronavirus, fixing roads, addressing climate change, systemi…

The best thing about Sunday was the chicken wings that I made because that game, albeit exciting, was a considerable letdown.

As we begin a new year, most folks are looking forward to the future. Children look forward to adulthood (spoiler alert: it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be), adults look forward to success and eventually leisure time.

JANUARY 6 WAS a terrible day when domestic violence broke in our nation's capital. There were five deaths, property damage, security breaches, and our democracy was threatened.

So, how about that snow (or lack thereof)?

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By this time next week, we will know the two football teams that are headed to the Super Bowl. This is the time of year every professional football fan lives for as the best of the best teams match up to play for the title.

It’s all set. The Packers play the Los Angeles Rams (I guess St. Louis wasn’t glitzy enough for the Rams, I’m pretty sure there aren’t many male sheep roaming around LA) on Saturday.

Well, now I’m nervous.

Happy New Year to you! I think we can all agree 2020 was a less than stellar year. It will be remembered in years to come, but I say good riddance.

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2020, what a terrible year it has been. It was a bleep-storm followed by chaos.

(I had written a letter to Santa earlier this month hoping that Giannis “The Greek Freak” Antetokounmpo would re-sign with the Milwaukee Bucks. Then he signed the $228 million supermax contract extension and I thought, “What else can I ask good ole St. Nick for?” So, here’s that letter.)

Any chess fans out there? Well then, do I have a waste of time – I mean a TV show — for you.

What do you do when you need to sneeze or hold in a sneeze? Also, did you know that ACHOO is a medical condition and not just something funny cartoons say?

I was thinking about what a Christmas in a pandemic looks like and began feeling a bit sad about the special events we all look forward to at this time of year that either won’t happen or will be fundamentally changed.

Well, that was a unique Thanksgiving. Let’s hope we never have to celebrate like that again.

So, Thanksgiving has come and gone. Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday have also passed. I have a few burning questions for you.

Thanksgiving is the best holiday. The whole weekend is a lovely snapshot of America.

Do you follow a sports team?

Finally, there is something to be happy about Wisconsinites.

I realize I’m a week early, but with the holiday and postal delays next week, I thought it was best to be early — Happy Thanksgiving.

I have great respect for veterans and what they have sacrificed so I may enjoy the freedoms I’ve always had.

Well, that was quite an election, wasn’t it?

Stevie Wonder is one of my favorite musicians. I tried to get the entirety of Wonders’ “Big Brother” printed here, but that was a no-go with the bosses.

I’m a big fan of the movies. Watching them is one of my not so guilty pleasures.

Is it possible to support Black Lives Matter and support Blue Lives Matter? The prevailing wisdom is if you support the first you are against the second but is that really true? Some people have come to believe that BLM is an organization that promotes violence especially against police. It …

To the unethical duck hunters who cut my fence line over Wood River off of Crosstown by the snowmobile bridge, this was an unlawful act of destruction of private property with intent. Thus by doing this, as of now, you have shut down the snowmobile trail through my property. Fences on a farm…

As you may remember, I almost died in my car a couple of weeks ago, thanks to an inattentive driver. When I got home following that ordeal, I got quite the shock when opening the mailbox.

Just a little over a week to the scariest night of the year. No, not Election Night, silly. Halloween!

Editor’s Note: America’s Newspapers and its members have a vested interest in helping the general public understand the essential role of a free press. Members are encouraged to publish this opinion piece and the accompanying editorial cartoon — or write their own editorial — to educate the …

Over the last almost three years, I have learned a lot. One of the first things is there are people in Wisconsin that openly root for the Vikings.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to wear on, many businesses are struggling.

Special to the Burnett County Sentinel.

My Buick was almost destroyed by a distracted driver last week.

Because you are reading this column, you understand the value of your local newspaper. I think we can all agree on this point, gentle reader.

As a kid, did you ever have trouble eating? Not trouble getting enough to eat or finishing your meal, but actual difficulty getting the food in your mouth?

Just a little over a month to go.

It was a beautiful day for Siren Nationals.

I must admit, in my spare time, I’m a fan of a good laugh.