Jadyn Grace Vogland

Jadyn Grace Vogland, 20, of Webster ended her battle with depression and mental illness by taking her own life on July 7, 2020. Jade was born in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia on August 23, 1999.

Jade was attending BYU-Idaho, pursuing a degree in floriculture, as she loved creating and sharing her art. Jade truly enjoyed the beauty around us and shared this through her love of photography. She enjoyed traveling and was always up for a good adventure, though a perfect day for Jade may have included a marathon of Hallmark movies, a good cup of tea and her cat, Max.

Jade found her forever family with the Voglands, first through foster care and then adoption. She became the best big sister to two little brothers and the only daughter to parents who had no clue how to raise a teenager.

Jade’s story is too short and much too heavy for a girl with a heart like hers to carry. She was loving and silly, beautiful and kind – but she rarely saw herself the way the world did. She struggled continuously with the trauma of her childhood. She had a deep sadness about her, and those who knew and loved her best could see it under even her brightest smile. But she was resilient and stronger than most. She worked hard to move forward, but her burdens were too heavy and her path was so difficult. Despite her struggles, she brought so much love and light to the world; she was truly a blessing to all those who were lucky enough to know and love her.

Jade is survived by her parents, Travis and Erin Vogland; her little brothers, Kaden and Reece Vogland; Grandparents, Kari Budge, Chuck and Deb Vogland; Great Grandmother, Jan Budge; Aunts, Emily (Brian) Ohmann, Kara Gall and Kenna Gall; Uncle Eric (Sarah) Vogland; Cousins, Jordan, Jake, Vincent, Graycee, Jackson and Henry; Best friend, Christine Dobbe; and numerous other relatives and friends.

Funeral arrangements have been entrusted to our friends at Swedberg-Taylor Funeral Home. Jade will be laid to rest at the Jackson Cemetery surrounded by close family, friends and the beauty of nature she enjoyed so much. The date is to be determined. Online condolences can be made at www.swedberg-taylor.com.

To our Daughter,

Your smile and laughter will always fill our hearts – the radiance and beauty of your life will never be defined by your death. Love you always.

To our Family and Friends,

Even during the calm waters, it takes a village to navigate the low and high tides of life. We are blessed to have you all. Please share memories of Jade often – we would love to hear them.

To our Community,

Let people know that they matter…that their existence affects yours. You never know how much you mean to someone or how much they want to mean something to you. Sometimes that’s all the motivation that they need to stay.

“We are all broken… that is how the light gets in.”

– Ernest Hemingway

Travis and Erin