The Concerned Citizens of Big Wood Lake will be arguing their case in court on Friday during a scheduled four-hour motion hearing. The group is against the expansion of the former Wood Lake Bible Camp.

The new owners of the camp, Pat and Judi Kinsella, purchased the property in 2018. They are represented as Wood Lake Camp & RV, LLC. The hearing is scheduled for 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in Burnett County.

A number of public hearings and meetings were held on the topic of the camp earlier this year as it faced a lot of vocal backlash.

The Concerned Citizens of Big Wood Lake released a statement in August outlining their issues and concerns with the proposed campground.

“The former Bible camp had a small campground with 12 sites near the waterfront, half of which included electrical hook-ups for RVs,” the statement explained. “In addition to the 125 new proposed sites, the new owners are also seeking to double the number of sites in the historic campground, bringing the total number of RV lots to 150 or more.”

The lawsuit contends the new owners are not in compliance with county and town zoning law.

“RV parks are not a permitted use of land covered by Burnett County’s shoreland zoning, which covers all property within 1000 feet of any body of water,” the statement says. “All of the former Bible camp waterfront area is contained within that zone. Other parts of the 234-acre property are located in the Town of Trade Lake, which has adopted County zoning.”

Their group is made up of over 100 residents and property owners for the towns of Wood River and Trade Lake. They formed in February when the initial conditional use permit was filed with the Land Services department of Burnett County.