The Governor of Wisconsin is once again looking for applicants for the job of district attorney in Burnett County.

Joe Schieffer was appointed by former Gov. Scott Walker in December 2018 following the resignation of Bill Norrine, who was the Burnett County DA for 10 years.

Schieffer held the position for 10 months.

“The new appointee will fill the vacancy created by the resignation of District Attorney Joseph M. Schieffer, effective October 8, 2019,” Evers said. “The new appointee will serve for the remainder of the unexpired term that ends January 2021.”

Schieffer submitted his official resignation to county and state representatives.

“I am writing to inform you that I must resign my position as Burnett County DA effective immediately. I have some things in my personal life to address that cannot be done and effectively serve the people of Burnett County,” Schieffer wrote. “I am confident you will find the staff and community here serve as a excellent foundation the next DA to succeed.”

County Administrator Nate Ehalt said James Rennicke, currently an ADA (assistant district attorney) in Polk County will be prosecuting cases starting Monday Oct. 14. Ehalt added the county has the option to appoint a special prosecutor if needed.