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The short answer is, we don’t exactly know and the long answer is that we will know more over time.

Since Burnett County was notified of the first case of coronavirus in May residents have been wondering and speculating where are the cases of COVID-19 – the coronavirus.

The Sentinel has been getting inquires for months about where the cases are, how old the people are, where they got the virus, and whether they were traveling. All valid questions that we also wanted to be answered.

We reached out to the Burnett County COVID-19 Response Team for demographics and regions of where people who have the virus, according to Burnett County Public Health, every current case in the county is isolating at home.

The response was that the information is still not available to the public, but Wisconsin Department of Health (DHS) is rolling out a new database linked to the census.

People can go to www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/covid-19/cases-map.htm and search Burnett County in the top right-hand corner to see the county-specific data.

Six census tracts make up Burnett County. Tracts with less than four cases are suppressed, so only tracts with five or more cases show up with having positive COVID-19 cases.

According to the Wisconsin DHS database, two tracts in eastern Burnett County have data available. One tract, 9704, which compromises the northeast corner of the county, including the Village of Webster, Webb Lake and parts of Danbury, has five positive cases and 420 negative cases. It is not clear where in the tract the cases are.

The other tract is 9706 just south of 9704 and includes Hertel, Dewey and Roosevelt. There are eight positive cases in this tract with 177 negative cases.

The DHS says 1,950 people live in tract 9706 with 3,838 living in 9704.

According to US Census numbers from 2018 say 15,392 people live full-time in Burnett County. Wisconsin DHS reports the county has a total of 25 cases. Meaning that there are currently 16 cases in the eastern section of the county and the remaining cases are in the western half of the county.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), “All public health staff involved in case investigation and contact tracing activities with access to such information should sign a confidentiality statement acknowledging the legal requirements not to disclose COVID-19 information.”

This explains why there is not more information released to the public about the cases at this time.

In Wisconsin, over 1 million people have been tested. There have been over 60,000 positive cases and over 990,000 negative results. Of the 60,554 confirmed cases, over 50,000 have recovered.