Burnett County—Susan J. Wood, 60, Webster, has been charged with 25 counts of forgery and one count of theft of movable property between $2,500 and $5,000. She allegedly wrote out checks to herself and signed them as her ex-husband.

According to the criminal complaint, Elvin Wood of Webster went to the Sheriff’s office in March and explained how he was notified by his bank that he had written several checks to his ex-wife Susan.

Elvin told Sheriff’s Deputy Mikal Anton that he is the sole name on the account and that nobody else has permission to write checks on his account. Elvin got copies of the checks from his bank and a large majority of them were written to his ex-wife Susan.

Susan and Elvin filed for divorce in November of 2017 and it was finalized in February.

The checks were allegedly forged and written from Dec. 20, 2017 through March 6, 2018. total amount of the checks was $5,419.84. Susan said she would shine a light through the check and trace Elvin’s signature.

All 25 checks were listed in the criminal complaint, 23 of them were issued to Sue or Susan Wood. They range in amount from $50 to $400. The two remaining checks were for Mini-Mart and the other was for her rent.

Elvin told Mikal that he believes Susan is responsible to the forged checks and said that she took a book of blank checks from him.

Detective Jameson Wiltrout called Elvin requesting all documents from his bank including a signature prior to Dec. 20 2017. Wiltrout also requested records from Susan’s player card with the Gaming commission for the Hertel Casino.

Records show that between Dec. 20 2017 and March 22 2018 Susan put a total of $65,717.68 in and got $54,784.50 out.

When Wiltrout interviewed Susan in March she knew exactly why she was there, “She said it was because she took money out of her ex-husbands account.” Then she confirmed that she was still living Elvin.

Wiltrout asked how long this had been going on and Susan said she had been forging checks the entire time they were married. She added that she did take.

Susan told Wiltrout that she mainly used the forged checks to gamble. She said she does most of her gambling at the Hertel Express Casino. She sometimes gambles at the Danbury Casino, where she works three days a week in the smoke shop.

Wiltrout had her gambling statistics from her players card. He told her from Dec. 20, 2017 to March 22, 2018 she had $66,000 total in and $54,700 out. Susan appeared surprised by those numbers and she agreed with Wiltrout that she has a gambling problem.

Susan said she was planning on paying Elvin back and had already paid him was about $3,400 of the possible $5,000 she had taken. Wiltrout told her if she continues to pay Elvin back she needs to keep a record of those transactions.

Each count of forgery is a class H felony and if convicted can result in a $10,000 fine or six years in prison or both. Theft of movable property is a class I felony and if convicted can result in a $10,000 fine or three years and six months in prison or both.

Susan is scheduled to make her initial appearance on May 30 in front of Judge Melissia Mogen.