WEBSTER—The school board Monday night voted to have the school’s facilities studied in hopes of getting a better grasp on the next phase of a possible referendum.

Documents from Rettler Corporation say, “CESA 10 is assisting the Webster School District with pre-referendum planning. The district is considering reconstruction of the existed site circulation, parking, and drives for all vehicular and bus traffic at the high school and middle school along with track redevelopment at the high school.”

It continues to say a separate concurrent study will be completed for the baseball facility.

Webster Superintendent Jim Erickson said Rettler is highly recommended and qualified for the project. Erickson pointed out they would be looking at things like the baseball field and water drainage on Fairgrounds Road.

Terry Larson asked that when Rettler is surveying the track if they could include the pole vault and long jump portions of the track as well. Erickson said he would contact them the next day about those topics.

The study is set to cost $8,700 and will include a topographical survey on the school grounds.