Webster VBM treatment ponds.tif

Webster’s treatment ponds have never been drained. Public works director Jay Heyer believes there could be “many, many thousand pounds of sludge” in the ponds.

WEBSTER––Public works director Jay Heyer will be getting a firm estimate on how much the Village of Webster would have to pay to have the sludge removed from the treatment ponds.

The treatment ponds are located in the southeast corner of the Webster Village limits about a quarter mile off of County Road X. There are three treatment ponds and two of them were built in the 1960s and the third was built in the early 1990s. None have ever been drained before.

Heyer believes there is anywhere between 18 inches to 36 inches of sludge on the bottom of the ponds. Trustee Charlie Weis asked how many pounds of sludge would need to be removed.

“It is many, many thousand pounds. Possibly tons,” Heyer said. He explained the ponds are about seven acres, another is about 3-4 acres and the third pond is about an acre.

He added the companies he has been talking to have given him a rough estimate of about $100,000 per pond. The companies are also so busy they would not be able to get it done this year and that depending on how much sludge there is depends on how far they may have to haul it.

“We’ve got a local farmer that has agreed to spread it on his fields,” Heyer told the Sentinel in February. At the meeting last week, Heyer said the farmer is still willing to let them use the field.

The village would have to do a soil test on the fields they intend to spread the sludge and if the farm isn’t big enough for all of the sludge, they will have to pay to haul it somewhere else.

Trustee Tim Maloney asked if the estimates he will be getting are going to be honored for next year and Heyer responded he will find out when they meet and discuss the estimate.

Public Property

The village’s public property committee will hold a public property meeting July 29 at 6 p.m. to discuss the skate park and village office.

Members of the board discussed the idea of moving out of the current village office at 7505 W. Main Street.

“We talked about it before and then we said we would wait for the new health clinic to be built and then we would revisit the topic,” Maloney said.


Trustee Greg Widiker told the board he has been approached by some people in the village about what the Village’s stance is on campgrounds.

“Campgrounds are only allowed in conservancy zoned parcels in the village,” village president Jeff Roberts said.

“These people are looking for our stance on the topic of campgrounds,” Widiker added. “Maybe we should have a public hearing on the subject.”

Maloney said the first step is figuring out the official zoning in throughout the village.

“We need to figure out all the zoning parcels in the village,” Maloney said. “Then we’ll have a better idea of what’s out there.”