“…it’s got cop tires, cop suspensions, cop shocks.” –the Blues Brothers. With a bicycle trail and a bicycle safety event centered in Webster, it was only a matter of time before the Webster Police Department went on two wheels.

Courtesy of Webster Cog and Sprocket, the department is now the proud owner of a police model Raleigh bicycle. The bike not only features an electric-assist function for more incredible speed, but it also boasts full suspension and disc brakes.

Bill Summer of Webster Cog and Sprocket says the visibility of the police bike not only puts the focus on electric-assisted bikes but "it sets a really, really good example for the kids in town." Summer also serves on Webster Village Board and is a member of the Webster Chamber of Commerce. He approached Chief Stephenie Wedin with the offer of donating the bicycle.

"It's a great tool," Wedin says. "Not only does it allow us more flexibility, but it's also a conversation starter which helps us connect with the community. We are very grateful that Webster Cog and Sprocket thought of us."

One of the most impressive add ons is a 1400 lumen light. In addition to doing double-duty as a spotlight and red-and-blue emergency lights, the light unit also can be attached to a bike helmet or slipped over a wrist.

While there is a tool kit for last-minute repairs, but Bill Summer of Webster Cog and Sprocket has pledged to do ongoing maintenance.

“And they will need maintenance,” Summer said. “It’s going to start to shift funny. The cables will stretch. The brake pads will start to go.”

As Officer Barker took the bike the two blocks toward its new home, he was already garnering attention, stopping near the trail to chat with a curious bicyclist.

“See? It’s already doing what we want. It makes us more approachable,” remarked Wedin.

The bicycle was presented to the department in early September. While some logistics are still being worked on, the officers are eager to get in as much pedal time as possible before it gets too cold.