Webster Light poles.tif

WEBSTER––The Webster village board is looking at replacing street light poles on State Highway 35. However, it could be quite costly depending on the material they use. 

Driving through Webster you may notice a number of light poles are leaning towards or away from the road. Kelsey Gustafson of the streets committee brought up the topic at the January board meeting.

“Some light poles are in a state of disarray,” Gustafson said. He added he had been discussing the issue with Northwestern Wisconsin Electric Company (NWE) and noted, “It’s rather expensive.”

There are 10 NWE poles along Highway 35 in the village and Gustafson said they would each cost $1,300 to be replaced bringing the total to $13,000 to replace all the poles. 

The board also discussed changing the poles from wood to stainless steel. Those poles would cost around $9,000 per poles and a total cost around $90,000 to replace all the light poles. 

There was no decision on replacing the light poles as discussions with NWE are ongoing.