Webb Lake residents enjoy their fourth annual Thanksgiving meal. Money donated to the event will go to various Webb Lake events throughout the year.

WEBB LAKE— For the last four years on the Thursday before Thanksgiving the Webb Lake community has gathered at the Webb Lake Town Hall to enjoy a meal and give back to their community.

This year the donations honored three persons/groups. S. Sgt. Timothy Hemquist, who recently returned from Kuwait, where he received care packages from Webb Lake, was one of the honored attendees.

They also honored American Legion Auxiliary #403 and North Ambulance, which will move into its new garage in A&H on Jan. 1.

Webb Lake Town Hall was packed with almost 100 people in attendance spanning all ages. The event is run by Sharon Knowler.

“We’ve been doing this for four years and we always honor different groups,” Knowler said. “We don’t charge anybody for the meal, but people donate what they can because we’re giving back to good causes that are helpful in our community.”

Knowler runs a meat raffle at The Cabaret in Webb Lake every Friday night from 6-8 p.m.

“We use that money to help people, however we can help them,” Knowler said. “Whether it’s a gas card or food card we help people out whenever we can up to a certain amount.”

Knowler explains that in the past they have donated money to students at Webster High School who need help paying for cap and gown costs before graduation.

“This goes for any person at any time,” Knowler said. “If it fits with our plan we’ll do it. We just keep giving.”

Somebody at the Thanksgiving celebration promptly recited part of The New Colossus, saying Knowler will take in the poor, tired and huddled masses.

The line began forming around noon after a short prayer and 30 minutes later everyone was eating.

While people were getting settled in with their meal, volunteers were going around pouring coffee, water and adding whip cream to bare pieces of pie.

Honored Guests

Keith Scherf of the American Legion made a speech in admiration of everything veterans do for our community and country.

“We know it’s not just the veteran who serves, it’s their entire family who serves,” Scherf said.

S. Sgt. Hemquist then spoke about the community’s giving spirit while overseas.

“The care packages you all sent helped a lot. We received probably three boxes a week,” Hemquist said. “We would take what was leftover from the boxes and give them to people in Kobani, Syria. Those packages always put a smile on their faces.”

Knowler then presented Deanne Mullner, manager of North Memorial Health Care, with the A&H garages first house-warming gift, a holiday wreath.

“We appreciate all of you and your support,” Mullner said. “This outpouring of support has been phenomenal.”

After everyone had their plates filled once, Knowler made one more speech.

“Everyone should have seconds or have some more dessert,” she said. “We’ve got plenty of food and boxes, so feel free to take food home with you.”

Sharon Knowler can be reached at 715-259-7205.