Burnett County’s warrant resolution was described by Clerk of Court Jackie Baasch as a very successful day. She said 13 people came in and they were able to resolve over 20 warrants.

April 26 was warrant resolution day at the courthouse. Baasch and Judge Melissia Mogen set up the event to give people with warrants an opportunity to have it resolved without the fear of being arrested.

Baasch said all of the people with warrants who came in seemed very happy the county was holding this type of event.

“It was a good feeling that day,” Baasch admitted. “It’s not often people are happy up there in the courtroom.”

She gave the public safety committee an overview of what was accomplished.

“We were able to resolve 26 warrants and closed three cases,” Baasch told the committee last week. “Two of the warrants were fail to pay and 11 failed to appear.”

Baasch told the committee in April they would, “be lucky if we get five people to come in.” This was after she said that Douglas County held a similar event with 20 people coming in. She also brought up other more populated counties for comparison.

She added that they had two public defenders working that day and they helped things go smoothly throughout the day.

“The public defender’s office was wonderful,” Baasch said.

The resolving process included meeting with the public defender and then they met with the District Attorney with trying to get something resolved.

Supervisor Dorothy Richard asked Baasch if all the people who came in for the day were local.

“There was one woman from Minnesota with an OWI second warrant,” Baasch said. “She came in and said are you sure she won’t arrest me? And I said yes, we’re sure.”

Supervisor Gene Olson asked Baasch if this is an event to be held every year or possibly twice a year, one in the spring and another in the fall.

Baasch was unsure if they would be holding the event annually and said her and Judge Mogen have not made any decisions yet on whether to have another resolution day. She added logistics may have to change for the next resolution day because of time constraints.

“We had six people come in right around 4 p.m. as we were wrapping up for the day,” Baasch said. “So, we might make some changes with the time, but it was a successful day.”