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Chief of Police Dan Wald was sworn into his new position Monday evening by village clerk/treasurer Sheila Meyer.

GRANTSBURG––Dan Wald was sworn in as the new Chief of Police of Grantsburg Monday night. Village officials discussed a number of topics including enforcing smoking room rules.

Wald was promoted from officer earlier this month after former Chief Jeff Schinzing announced his retirement. He came to the meeting with information regarding rules for smoking rooms.

Last month, village president Mike Longhenry said he had received numerous complaints about the smoking room and people drinking on the sidewalk. The smoking room in question was a new addition to Denny’s Downtown Lanes.

Dennis McKenzie told the village board in July he had not intended on breaking the law when opening up the new smoking room.

The board brought up that Denny’s now has a sign outside another entrance stating it is the main entrance.

Longhenry said the sign is too small and can barely be read.

Village trustee Russ Stone described the room as, “them thumbing their nose at the law.”

Wald explained that individuals can be fined for smoking inside and there is a potential fine of $100 a day.

The next step for the village will be Wald speaking with McKenzie about his intentions with the smoking room.

Watercross update

Rick Quimby made a brief appearance at the meeting. He gave the board an update on this year’s Watercross event and started planning for next year’s event.

“Attendance was down about 35% and that’s due to weather,” Quimby said. He continued to explain he still expects to expand the event next year to include more music.

“The racing crowd is getting smaller and we want to get more of a music festival crowd to show up that weekend,” Quimby said.

Next year’s Watercross will take place July 17-19.

In other items:

The board approved plans for Hummer’s Rendezvous to update the facade of their building.