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Organizers have not canceled the 44th annual World Championship Watercross snowmobile races at Memory Lake this year. They are relying on a ‘wait and see’ approach.

Grantsburg Watercross Executive Director Rick Quimby spoke to the village board Monday night to give a brief update on this year’s event, which despite rumors has not been canceled.

“Our official statement is the wait and see approach,” Quimby said during a Zoom meeting. “Everything is on hold right now.”

Quimby said all of the events infrastructure is in place for July but it is unclear if the weekend will have the same events it has in year’s past. He said they might not have fireworks over the weekend and added they will probably cancel the street dances.

“We are looking at setting up spectator areas,” Quimby said. “So, we can manage the number of people allowed in.”

According to Quimby, the event is all set to go with races, but having spectators is a different story.

Gov. Evers’ Badger Bounce Back Plan outlines three phases to allow gatherings of over 50 people.“We fall into the major event category along with concerts and sporting events,” Quimby said. The governor’s plan is broken down into three phases and major events are not allowed until the third and final phase. During the safer-at-home order gatherings over 10 people are discouraged.

Quimby said other similar events are not inviting spectators and just having the families of the racers watch the races.

“With our operating expenses, family is just not an option,” Quimby said.

He said they looking towards July 1 to see if the state is re-opened and if large events are allowed.

Quimby said he would come back to the board in June with an update. He concluded, “It’s looking pretty bleak but we’re just waiting to see.”