The unofficial results show that 87% of registered voters cast a ballot in this election. This is higher than the record-breaking turnout Wisconsin had.

According to the Wisconsin Elections Commission, the unofficial numbers show 72% voter turnout across the state. Wisconsin cast 3,296,374 votes for President in this election. Which smashes the previous record in 2012 of 3,071,434.

“I am so proud of Wisconsin’s voters, not just for the record numbers with which they participated in their democracy, but for the peaceful, civil way they did it in this extremely challenging year,” said Meagan Wolfe, administrator of the Wisconsin Elections Commission. “There were very few problems reported at polling places, which is a credit to our voters and our local election officials.”

Election results are unofficial following the count on election night. Then during the canvass process the votes are triple checked for accuracy.

According to Burnett County documents 10,189 voters cast a ballot in the 2020 general election. The 2020 estimate the county provides in election statistics says the county has 15,486 eligible voters, meaning approximately two-thirds of eligible voters cast their ballot.

Wisconsin is one of many states that allows same-day voter registration. There has been statewide confusion and misinformation regarding how many registered voters the state has and how many ballots have been cast.

“Wisconsin’s election was conducted according to law and in the open,” Wolfe said. “Unfortunately, we are seeing a lot of misinformation on social media and some news media. If something you see or hear about how Wisconsin voted sounds outrageous, it’s probably false.”

Wolfe continued, “Wisconsin doesn’t have more votes than registered voters. It’s impossible. There were no absentee ballots found in the middle of the night. Lawyers and observers for both political parties were on-site and involved the entire time. Clerks followed the law and counted ballots until they were done.”

Burnett County municipalities all had high voter turnout. County data shows the Town of Blaine, with 92% turnout, had the highest percentage of registered voters casting a ballot. The Village of Webster had the lowest percentage, 82% which is still 10 points higher than the state average.

The Sentinel reviewed turnout from the last two presidential elections. The numbers show this high of a turnout is not new for Burnett County.

In 2012, turnout amongst registered voters was 87% with 8,715 voters (10,014 registered voters) and four years later it went up to 88% with 8,870 voters (10,103 registered voters).

The data from 2008, 2004 and 2000 does not have the percentages but the number of voters tends to always be around 8,000 for presidential elections in Burnett County. In 2000 there were 8,270 votes cast, in 2004 there was a spike with 9,364 votes cast and in 2008 the number leveled out at 8,716.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission reported voter turnout percentages from the past 4 elections; 2000 – 67%, 2004 – 73%, 2008 – 69%, 2012 – 70%, 2016 – 67%.

It is not clear how many Burnett County voters chose to skip day-of-election voting request and fill out an absentee ballot. However, the commission says approximately 1.95 millions of votes cast in this election were absentee across all Wisconsin.