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Jeff Schinzing was chosen as undersheriff by Gene Boyd in 1994.

Memories from Decembers in Burnett County

25 years ago in 1994

• The Grantsburg School District made the decision to build the middle school for $6.7 million ($11.5 million in today’s money).

• Sheriff elect Gene Boyd chose deputy Jeff Schinzing as undersheriff.

• The Siren Fire Department replaced their 1978 pumper. The new pumper sprayed 1,500 gallons per minute.

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The layout of where the new middle school was going to be built in comparison to the high and elementary schools.

• James McNally made the announcement that he would be stepping down as the village president.

50 years ago in 1969

• A Christmas tree could be purchased for $2 – $5 in Grantsburg.

• Oscar Mayer and Co. created four $1,000 college scholarships for Wisconsin high school students involved in agriculture.

• The Trade Lake Store was sold to Mr. and Mrs. Gary Fender.

• The Siren Drug Store started their new card and gift center.

75 years ago in 1944

• U.S. Destroyer ships, the Hull, Spence and Monaghan sunk in a typhoon during WWII off the coast of the Philippines killing 790 people.