The recommendation to sign a contract with MSA Professional Services was passed at the village board meeting in Siren. This contract allows MSA to create a preliminary design for Aldren Road.

The main concerns on Alden Road are the areas without curb and gutter because there have been major flooding issues. The point of the contract with MSA is because there will need to be some preliminary engineering done to determine right-of-way needs and to review the need for any permits related to storm water runoff, surface water discharge and drainage. The preliminary engineering design will also provide these services: A site visit, roadway design, stormwater design, erosion control design, and an accurate construction cost estimate for the village to review.

The fee for the preliminary engineering design will be paid at the cost of $9,700. This project will start around Oct. 28 and will be completed around Dec. 31.

Also at the meeting, board member Jan Hunter brought up the fact that she had heard gunshots in the Village of Siren. When she had called dispatch, they had told her that shooting firearms in the village was allowed. This got a chuckle from the other board members as well as Chief of Police, Chris Sybers as he shook his head. He confirmed with the board that it is not legal to shoot a firearm or a bow in the Village of Siren. He also stated that the gunshots were probably heard from one of the lakes because it is duck hunting season.

In other items:

· Madelyn Iwaszko was hired for the administrative assistant position. For this position, there were six interviews and 67 applicants.

· The Skate Park sign is going to be replaced by Northland Signs for a cost of $585.