Grantsburg has parted ways with public works director Chris Bartlett, according to Village President Mike Longhenry.

Longhenry told the Sentinel on Monday that Bartlett is “no longer employed by the village.”

He did not give any further comment on Bartlett's employment with the village.

The Village board had a special board meeting on Feb. 10 and went into closed session. Then on Monday, Feb. 15, the board held a special meeting to discuss the director of public works. They discussed a job posting for director, a job description and a hiring timeline.

Longhenry and Village Trustee Leo Jahnke were asking Bartlett a number of snow removal questions at the village regular monthly board meeting on Feb. 8.

Longhenry, Jahnke and other board members continued to ask Bartlett about snow on the sidewalks and sidewalks being excessively icy.

Jahnke said that the public works crew is sanding the wrong side of the stop signs. The conversation continued with Bartlett explaining his work.

Bartlett explained that almost everyone on the public works crew was quarantined the first week of February due to COVID-19 protocols.

Village Trustee Joe Sturdevant will be the point person between the public works crew and the village board until they hire a new public works director.

On Monday night during the special board meeting, the board spoke directly with members of the public works crew including John Erickson.

Erickson will be the contact person for the village during the interim period.

Longhenry told the crew his expectations were largely focused on snow removal.

“Our expectations are making sure roads and sidewalks are clear in case of a storm,” Longhenry stated.

Erickson said he agreed with the expectations and said they would like to clear more snow on boulevards to allow drivers to see better around street corners throughout the village.

“We plan to have the grater out more, for snow removal,” Erickson said. “Please be patient with us. We are trying to do our best.”

According to the timeline released by the village, the village board is hopeful to have a selected a new public works director by March 22.