Grantsburg High School

During the Grantsburg School Board meeting on Monday night, the board was given an update on the gymnasium floor in the High School. The new high school principal, Matt Haase, explained that the project is well underway.

The bleachers have been put up and they are going to be working on the sanding very soon. Haase said that the goal is to have the gym done by the first home volleyball game, but there was no way it will be done in time for volleyball to begin practicing. Volleyball will have to start their practices in the middle school gym.

Joshua Watt, new superintendent, said that everyone just needs to hope for low humidity so that the varnish dries quickly because it can take a week for it to cure after it is applied. “They have really been chipping away at the project and its been great.” He went on to say that he was impressed with how accurate the crew has been following their drawings and designs that they showed to the board earlier this year.

Although the construction crew has been really chipping away at the project, the project as a whole is nearly three weeks behind schedule. Watt said that the project is going to be pushing right up into the volleyball tournament, but that he hopes it will be completed. He has a plan B in works, just in case, but he says, “I think we’re still in good shape.”

The board was a little concerned about how far behind the project is, but board member Christine Erickson stated that she rather have the project done right versus hurrying up to get the gym finished by a deadline.

In other items:

Four new welding hoods have been installed in the high school’s welding room which adds safety for the students and teachers in the tech ed classrooms.

More security cameras are being placed around the school for added security and safety. These cameras give improved views of the entrances.