GOVERNMENT CENTER–Phil Johnson of CBS Squared, Inc. based in Chippewa Falls gave a brief presentation to the natural resources committee on their designs and plans for the Devils Lake road, boat landing and beach.

Kent Jacobson of the Devils Lake Association came to the committee last month and asked if they could contract Johnson to come up with a “100-year solution” for the lake.

The major concerns they were addressing were the retaining wall construction, designing a boat launch, designing a beach and a parking lot.

Johnson outlined some of the site’s constraints like the condition of the wall, the narrow corridor by the lake, the water level and impact the ice has during the winter.

He presented two options for the committee. The first involved shifting Devils Lake Road centerline and building a wall along the road with Mud Lake, then install a 200-foot wall on Devils Lake and 220 feet of riprap to the northwest edge of property.

The second option includes no change to Devils Lake Road. The plan would be to add sheet pile wall for 350 feet along the lake and then shift to riprap for another 75 feet.

Both options include ramp access to the beach and suggest removing the existing bathroom and replacing it with a vault or enclosed portable toilet.

The committee was impressed with the work they had done. Supervisor Craig Conroy told the group to keep working on it and make sure when they have budgetary items to send them to the committee.

Jacobson and Johnson said they would get estimates back to the committee before the budget season starts in August.