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A Burnett County inmate destroyed newly installed visiting video station equipment.

Burnett County maintenance director Gary Faught described the scene as “a crazy guy ripped it apart.” He added that he also used toothpaste and other materials for part of the dismantling.

He described it as “a typical day in jail” for his crew.

The maintenance department went into the jail and repaired the wall and the electronics were replaced by the company that installed them.

Faught said he was not sure about whether it was going to be compensated or if the county has to pay for the replacement equipment.

“That’s a question for the jail,” Faught told the Infrastructure Committee last week.

Jail Administrator Mark Schmidt told the Sentinel following the meeting that the equipment is not owned by the county so they did not cover the cost of replacing it.

Schmidt said the equipment is used by inmates to make personal phone calls and replacing it will not cost the county anything.

He said Inmate funds pay for expenses with the phone meaning the county did not have to pay for replacing the equipment.