BURNETT COUNTY––Sienna N. Red Cloud, 45, Gordon, and Kayla L. Williams, 33, McGregor, Minn., were charged with possession of methamphetamine stemming from an incident at the Hertel Casino parking lot in December. Williams was also arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia and felony bail jumping.

According to the criminal complaint, On Dec. 30, St. Croix Tribal Police responded to reports of some individuals inside the Hertel Casino that may be involved with narcotics.

Tribal officers obtained security video footage of the possible suspects entering the casino. Officers went out to the car with the K-9 unit. K-9 Auggie allegedly alerted officers of a scent on the driver’s side front door seam and did not give any further alerts at the car.

Red Cloud exited the casino and was approached by the officers. She stated she found the bags on the ground. The officer allegedly noticed the small gem baggies and that several of them had a white powder residue in them.

The officer used a NARK II test kit for methamphetamine and the test gave a positive indication for the presence of meth.

The Tribal Police had received a call earlier in the evening about two other individuals that Casino personnel said they were going to tell to leave. One was Travis Kraft, who as an open case from December of 2017 for manufacture/delivery of methamphetamine and the other was Williams.

Tribal PD K-9 Reese was taken over the car and allegedly indicated she could smell narcotics from inside the car, particularly from the driver’s side door handle.

Police searched the vehicle and found ten empty plastic gem baggies. They also found a clear glass bubble pipe with black burn marks on it.

Williams was arrested and transported to Burnett County Jail. Police allegedly located drugs in Red Cloud’s purse. They were tested and the sample gave a positive indication of methamphetamine. Officers also seized Red Cloud and William’s phones as part of an ongoing investigation.

If found guilty, Red Cloud faces up $10,000 in fines and three years imprisoned. Williams faces $10,000 in fines for both possession of meth and felony bail jumping and a possible four years imprisoned.

Red Cloud made her initial court appearance on Jan. 24. Williams will make her first appearance on March 12.