N Williams Bridge.JPG

The Highway department removed roughly 80 tons of asphalt pavement from the N. Williams Road bridge deck. The bridge is still posted at 10 tons while alternative plans are analyzed.

Highway Commissioner Mike Hoefs told the Infrastructure committee last week that in some places the bridge deck has as much as 14 inches of pavement.

The Sentinel previously reported on the removal of a portion of the bridge deck. Hoefs explained most bridges simply don’t have 12 inches of pavement on their bridge deck.

Hoefs said it appeared all the bridge deck pavement was added at once and not multiple times over the years.

The Town of Wood River has received a state grant to help pay to have the bridge replaced this year. Hoefs said the grant will cover 90% of the total costs and the town is responsible to the remaining 10%. However, the town has the option to request the county pay for half of that 10%.

Wood River has made that request, but it is unknown what the total cost of the project will be. Therefore, the committee does not have enough information to decide on whether to fund 5% of the total cost of the project.

Hoefs said the 80 tons of asphalt pavement, will be recycled and the material used for gravel.