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Tom Tiffany

Tom Tiffany will soon have an office in Washington D.C. following his victory in a special election Tuesday for the 7th Congressional District seat.

Tiffany (R-Hazelhurst) a state senator defeated Tricia Zunker (D-Wasau), is an Associate Justice of the Ho-Chunk Supreme Court, handily across the state. The seat was vacated by Sean Duffy who resigned last year for family reasons.

With almost 200,000 votes being cast, Tiffany won the seat by over 25,000 votes. Zunker was able to win northern counties Ashland, Bayfield and Douglas but Tiffany won the other 20-plus counties.

In Burnett County, Tiffany won all but four municipalities. The towns of Jackson, La Follette, Oakland and Swiss tallied more votes for Zunker which were not enough.

Tiffany received 2,491 votes compared to 1,665 for Zunker.

All Burnett County vote totals are unofficial until the canvass, which will be taking place late this week.

Tiffany recently told the Sentinel why voters should choose him.

“I helped Wisconsin navigate its way out of the Great Recession to become prosperous. We need a leader who has proven they will provide effective leadership and who will work with President Trump to get real results for our hardworking families in rural America.”