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The Foxhole Bar & Lounge is the fundraising arm of the American Legion Post 185 in Grantsburg. It was dubbed The Foxhole since its creation in 1919. The Grantsburg Historical Society building in Grantsburg used to be a church before it became the original location of the legion when it was created by World War I veterans. The basement of that building became known as The Foxhole, where veterans would go hang out, drink beer and play cards. The name of the building stuck when the Legion was moved to its current location in the 70s.

Legion member, Duke Tucker, explained that The Foxhole has been making some changes starting with hiring Angie Baker as the official manager. Baker explained that what they do at The Foxhole is unique. Her main goal is to change the image that the Foxhole has received in the past to make it a more family-friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

“I want you to be able to come in here and have a burger and a beer with your family and bring in your little kids if you want.”

Along with new management, there was also a change to their food and hours. The Foxhole is now open daily at 11 a.m. for lunch specials where they serve specialty burgers made with fresh ground beef and bacon from Daeflers, a local butcher shop in Frederic. The lunch specials change weekly, but one day that remains the same is Fridays with their new fish fry special. Some weeks have a theme to them, for instance, the week after New Year’s will be healthy week where their lunch specials will revolve around healthy foods such as salads. The Foxhole has also recently partnered up with Burnett Dairy to begin selling fresh Burnett Dairy pizzas that are made the same day.

Tucker also took the time to explain the slight change with their meat raffle that they host. If anybody has a nonprofit, the Foxhole will do the meat raffle on their behalf, the nonprofit just has to provide a person or two to help with tickets. All of the proceeds after the cost of the meat raffle will go straight to that nonprofit.

Tucker has begun research on starting a youth marksmanship league with air rifles and targets within The Legion. He would work with the Sons of the Legion to get the league up and running. It would be free of charge and would help promote firearm safety and marksmanship.

Renovations have taken part in the change at The Foxhole as well. With the new bathroom renovations well on their way, they are very close to being complete. Tucker stated that some renovation goals in the future would be to add a new entryway off the north side of the building, placing a window looking outside in the bar and laying new flooring in the kitchen.

One of the main establishment goals that The Foxhole has is to bring new faces and families into their building while making them feel welcome. The staff members have new shirts with words on the back that reads, integrity, honor and service to community. To make it more kid-friendly, Tucker said that the one thing he wants to try is being able to give a root beer float to any kids that come in the door with their families. It’s something he’s been doing on his own, but he would like to get the rest of the staff involved in doing it as well.

As the other goal, Tucker said, “The primary goal I have when somebody walks through the door, I don’t care if it’s a patron or a member or employee, they should have a good time when they come here.”