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Grantsburg High School Principal Matt Haase (right) accepts a number of gift cards from KJ’s Fresh Market manager Justin Daigle in front of The Closet, a place for students to get what they need. The Closet will have clothes, personal care items and food available for students.

GRANTSBURG–There is a room at the Grantsburg High School called the closet. It was started to help kids in need and help aid kids that may not have necessities.

Some of the items they are looking for are essentials like soap, shampoo, clothes and even non-perishable food items. The idea for the closet came to the school from a group of women at the Methodist Church.

“They came to us with the idea,” said closet organizer Suzy Retzer. “We, at the high school, thought it was a great idea.”

Retzer told the Sentinel what the idea behind the closet is.

“Students can go into the closet and pick out things they need and then leave with no one knowing they need these items,” Retzer said. “This community rallies around our students and people really do want to help these kids.”

The closet is on the honor system for students to take what they need from the closet. As winter rolls around they are looking for warm weather clothing

They are looking for donations of non-descript clothing, this is so gently used clothing cannot be traced back to another student.

“Sweatshirts, shirts with no letters or messages on them are ideal,” Retzer said.

She added they will only accept unopened packages for food donations.

Justin Daigle of KJ’s Fresh Market has donated food items along with some gift cards. Retzer has reached out to other local businesses for donations.

For any questions, please contact the Grantsburg High School. If you would like to donate items to the closet, they can be dropped off at the High School. There will also be a donation box at the Sentinel office, 114 W. Madison Ave., and we will drop it off at the school on a weekly basis.