Four new council members were elected by members of the St. Croix Tribe of Chippewa in their election Saturday June 8, according to the unofficial vote count.

This election comes after a report by the National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC) put the tribe in the spotlight alleging they embezzled gaming revenue. The NIGC has recommended the tribe pay a $5 million fine.

Francis Songetay and Bill Reynolds defeated incumbents Lewis Taylor and Elmer “Jay” Emery in the Sand Lake community. Council members serve two-year terms.

Bev Benjamin defeated incumbent Crystal Peterson in Danbury. Incumbent Susan Lowe won re-election in Round Lake.

In Maple Plain Thomas Fowler defeated incumbent Joyce Long.

Taylor, Emery, Peterson were all named in the NIGC report last month.

It is unknown at this time if a recount has been requested.

Unofficial vote totals:

Sand Lake

Jennifer Bearheart – 174

Elmer “Jay” Emery – 50

Lisa Reynolds – 71

Bill Reynolds – 178

Francis Songetay – 203

Conrad St. John – 85

Jeff Taylor – 97

Lewis Taylor – 49


John Bearhart – 190

Bev Benjamin – 196

Crystal Peterson – 82

Round Lake

Carmen Bugg – 60

Georgia Cobenais – 133

Scott Lowe – 69

Susan Lowe – 216

Maple Plain

Amanda Awonohopay – 47

Stuart Bearheart – 66

Thomas Fowler – 144

Joyce Long – 110

Karen Washington – 101

Richard Westling – 8