The Siren School board is still working on their plan for how to re-open schools. They held a meeting for families and staff at Crooked Lake Park to discuss the proposed plan.

The draft of the plan given to attendees was one-page front and back with limited details.

Darrell Imhoff, Siren associate principal said the plan was over 40-pages and didn’t want to give parents all of that information at once.

The district plans to open up for students five days a week with contingency plans for half the students to be at school on two days and the other half the other two days. They also have a plan if all learning needs to go back to virtual.

The plan, which members of the school board said was a first draft, states all students in grades 6-12, all staff and all visitors will be required to wear face coverings. Students from 4K through fifth grade will wear masks when physically distancing is not possible.

Siren’s plan also includes staggering traffic flow in hallways, installing plexiglass barriers throughout school, rearrange classrooms for social distancing.

There will also be new guidelines in place for students on busses, inside the cafeteria.

A number of concerned parents spoke during the meeting asking about the need to have children in the classroom.

School board president Mark Pettis said this is an ongoing process and that there will most likely be more meetings to the discussion on how to keep the school safe.