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Siren Nationals will be back at the Burnett County Municipal Airport on Saturday. The event includes a car show, 1/8 mile radar run, swap meet and local vendors selling concessions.

The event was cancelled last fall due to the repaving of the runway used for the radar run. It was also cancelled in the spring due to concerns surrounding the coronavirus.

This will be the first radar run on the newly renovated runway, the project cost about $2 million. The runway 5/23 was ranked one of the worst in the state.

“Airport officials would like to have the pavement completely set before having the racers back at the airport,” County Administrator Nate Ehalt said last fall. At the time jets and planes were already using the runway but officials were concerned about the number of vehicles on the runway so soon after finishing the project.

Siren Nationals always draws a big crowd. Last May the event brought in over 600 spectators, with about 100 cars participating in the radar run.

There is a general admission fee and a fee if you would like to participate in the radar run. More information can be found at