SIREN— The Siren Village board met last week, discussing many village topics. But there was a large focus on the amount of cases Siren Police Department is handling annually.

Police Report

Chief of Police Chris Sybers began his police report for the month by reading off how many cases they have had per month throughout 2017. The months of May and Oct. both saw the climax at 73 cases.

“Before this year, 2014 was our biggest year since I’ve been in charge with 696 or 698 cases,” Sybers said. “We will surpass that this year if we have 50 cases in each of these last two months.”

According to Sybers, the department has already had 586 cases in 2017. January, which saw only 17 cases, was the only month this year that did not exceed 50 cases being worked by the department.

“If we didn’t have Trevor, I’d be in a mental house,” Sybers said.

Sybers referenced the four students treated for overdose at Siren school last month and other incidents occurring at the school this past year. He reiterated his point made at the school board meeting last month.

“I’ve avoided using that word,” Sybers said of a liaison officer. “I’ve asked (the school board) to put some type of proposal together. They want a dollar amount and plan.”

Trustee Rick Engstrom, suggested the village should look to the past to solve these problems instead of looking toward the future. He said, we know what worked before.

“When I was at Siren school, I’m sure if there was an officer at the door we wouldn’t have brought anything,” said village president Dave Alden. “Whether it was a knife or cigarettes.”

David Doty Sr. village trustee, then added that it wasn’t 1978 anymore.

“If they see Sybers (or another uniformed officer) in the hallways there are certain kids that don’t look him in the eye,” Doty said. “That would be an improvement itself.”

Siren Lioness Clock

The Siren Lioness Club is disbanding on May 1 of next year. They would like to buy and display a victorian-style clock somewhere in the village.

“The Lioness club would like to put this up, and I don’t have any problem with it,” Alden said. “They’ll take care of the cost of laying cement and everything.”

Doty said the Lioness club have been good allies to the village and approving this is just a matter of where to put it.

Jan Hunter added that in March the board could meet with the lioness about the details. The clock would take six to eight weeks to arrive after ordering.

In other action

The board also approved the renewal of the 2018 health insurance with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield at 9.1 percent.

GIS mapping system will be switched over to an ArcGIS cloud-based program. A one-time fee of $6,000 would move the system to the cloud and the village would pay $1,800 annually for the service.

The board discussed and came to no conclusion on a new cell phone 120 foot cell phone tower that would be put up by Mobilitie.