While doing routine maintenance on the Siren Football field, a hole was found about 3 to 4 feet across and about 2 feet deep. It was filled in, but then another hole was created. Since then, the field has been roped off.

The Siren School board was hoping to have a second referendum pass in April that would have given the school $2 million to relocate the field behind the school. Last week they discussed what can be done in the future with the field.

Siren Athletic Director Ryan Karsten told the board about the hole that is currently in the field.

“It’s the same spot we’ve been filling here for 10 years,” Karsten said of the hole that is full of water, so filling it in with sand at this point would be useless. “Right now (the hole) is about 12-15 inches around and in some spots, I can stick my tape measurer down four feet.”

Karsten had a number of options for the school board including playing all their games as away games. There are 11 home football games scheduled to be played on that field this fall and that includes Varsity football, Junior Varsity and Freshman games. Another option was to contact local schools like Frederic and Webster to see if they can use their facilities.

One of the school board members brought up the village and the Siren Ball Park. There was some concern with that option with open liquor and smoking violations at a high school sports event. Karsten said there was another option with moving the field at the current location but moving it away from the hole.

“I don’t even know if that’s feasible, but it might be an option,” Karsten said of shifting the field at its current location. He also commented on the Siren Ball Park option.

“I won’t know anything about the lights out there until I’m out there (at night) with the lights on and the lines painted.”

Karsten said his preferred option would be to contact four local schools, all with turf, Cumberland, Osceola, Rice Lake and Superior.

“If it rains on that field on Friday and it’s played on that turf – unlike grass – doesn’t need time to recover, it can be played on the next day for a Saturday game,” Karsten said.

The board tabled the discussion and has asked Karsten to find out how much it would cost to rent out facilities and would report back to the board in the future.

There was also a brief discussion on the practice field which the board had approved earlier this year filling in a ditch on the field. There were some issues with how the ditch was filled and whether it was seeded properly.

Members of the board will meet with who was hired to fill the ditch and will get the situation resolved.