Siren VBM AWS Snowmobile.png

SIREN––Siren could be named a snowmobile friendly thanks to a local club wanting to show that the community is welcoming to snowmobile riders.

Jon Schoepke and John Hager of Lake Country Riders Snowmobile Club attended a Siren Village Board meeting and asked the trustees if they would have any objections to applying for the award. The application is 20 pages long and asked questions about snowmobiling in the community.

The questions are broken down in to several sections including; snowmobile policies, programs and activities in the area, snowmobile safety and education, and community encouragement.

Village President Dave Alden said it was a “no-brainer” and was in favor of approving the group to go forward with the application.

A large part of the award is the signs that would be prominently displayed in the village.

Hager and Schoepke spoke briefly about where the signs would be placed. Police Chief Chris Sybers said he would help the group with placing the signs. Ideally, the signs would be visible when people drive into town, John said.

Deadlines for the application are due January 10, 2020.