The Public Safety committee approved purchasing a second K-9 unit to help get drugs off the streets of Burnett County.

Sheriff Tracy Finch was surprised with how fast the Burnett County Law Enforcement Citizens Auxiliary or BCLAEC raised the funds.

Charlie and Lisa Slater of the BCLAEC have been fundraising for a second K-9 since Sept. and it has been worth it.

“We just want to thank Lisa and Charlie for all their help with this process,” Finch said. She added that the K-9’s food and veterinary care will be donated to the department at no cost.

The public safety committee was first approached by Finch a couple of months ago and had no clue the money would be raised this fast. About $20,000 is needed to find the dog, in Slovakia, then train the dog for police work with a hand-selected trainer from the sheriff’s office.

They will be using the same trainer as they did a few years ago for the K-9 Tracker, a purebred German Sheppard that has been with the department since December 2016.

Although, the dog will be used primarily for finding drugs, the K9 can also be used to track lost children or an elderly person.

Finch has explained the reason for a second dog is to have more coverage during the day since Tracker usually works at night.

“Drug traffickers know this, and they are trafficking during the day,” Finch told the committee in September.

The Sheriff’s Office hopes the second K-9 will be purchased, trained and on the job in Burnett County by next fall.