Deer Lake

David Graham speaking to the County Board of Supervisors about the impact of a new development in Webb Lake.

A parcel of land in Webb Lake has been re-zoned to build storage units off of State Highway 77. Some with lake homes in the area were opposed to losing residential property.

David Graham, who’s family owns three cabins in the area, spoke for several property owners in the Deer Lake and Webb Lake areas.

“This is contrary to the well(being) of many residents,” Graham said. He added that an engineering assessment should be done because of the potential damage to wetlands and a traffic study should be done on the intersection of Deer Lake Road and State Highway 77.

Graham told the board via Zoom meetings that Webb Lake and the surrounding area will be bombarded with more boats and ATVs. He added many families on Deer Lake could have moved “anywhere in the country” for a seasonal cabin but they chose Burnett County.

The re-zoning was approved by the Town of Webb Lake Board and the County Board of Supervisors.

North Camp Storage submitted their application in February and a public hearing was held in March. They requested changing RR-2 to C-1, from residential to commercial property.

Supervisor Steve Austin is one of the applicants on the re-zoning application. Austin is also the Town Chair for Webb Lake, he abstained from the conversation and vote during last week’s county board meeting.

The application states there will be a commercial building and storage units on the intersection of Deer Lake Road and State Highway 77.

Jason Towne, Land Services Director, explained the county does not have any control over the intersection because Deer Lake Road is a town road and 77 is a state road. He said that the Wisconsin Department of Transportation has no issues with the re-zoning and Webb Lake already approved the re-zoning.

Towne added his department received a number of emails regarding this issue. He said 21 emails were against the change, six emails had concerns about it and he said the department received zero in favor of the re-zoning.

The plan for the land shows over 150 storage units with an area for shrink wrap boats and a showroom.