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Ruby Radke was born Aug. 2, 1920, at her parent’s home in Webster. She recently celebrated her 100th birthday.

At just 14 months old, she got scarlet fever and went to a one-room school. She also lived through the Great Depression and the Second World War.

“Burnett County is her home, and she doesn’t want to live anywhere else. She was born, raised and has lived within a 10-mile radius of her childhood home all her life,” said Ruby’s daughter, Alice (Radke) Hersant.

In 1982 she joined the First Baptist Church and was baptized a few years later.

Hersant said after Ruby’s husband, Scout, of almost 65 years passed away, the church became a big part of her social life.

Ruby also joined the American Legion Auxiliary in 1982 and served as a member for 38 years.

She is the proud grandmother of 8 grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren, and one great, great-grandchild.

“Ruby contributes her good health and longevity to; healthy food, caring doctors and nurses, staying active, family genes, making new friends and serving the Lord,” Hersant concluded.