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The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) announced they are asking for public comments on two separate bridge projects in Burnett County. One is on State Road 70 and the other is State Road 77.

The bridge project on State Road 70 (WIS 70), which connects Grantsburg and Pine City, is scheduled to begin in 2022. The State Road 77 (WIS 77) project would start in 2021.

WisDOT put out a press release on Monday to explain the projects and why the input has been moved online instead of traditional meetings.

“To slow the spread of COVID-19, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) is moving efforts to seek public comment on two proposed St. Croix River bridge projects – one on WIS 70 and the other on WIS 77, both in Burnett County,” the release stated. “The public is invited to go online, review project detail materials and submit comments by email or mail to project staff.”

The WIS 70 bridge is almost 30 years old and is “experiencing deterioration on the concrete bridge deck and the concrete throughout the structure. Some of the riprap stone has been washed away near the abutments during high water events.”

These are the improvements WisDOT is suggesting:

• Concrete bridge deck overlay.

• Concrete surface repairs and joint repairs.

• Polymer overlay on sidewalk to protect the concrete.

• Replacement of missing riprap stone near the abutments.

• Replacement of guardrails and approach pavement on WIS 70.

They also provided a number of traffic impacts of the WIS 70 bridge project

• WIS 70 will remain open to traffic, with work completed one lane at a time and temporary signals directing traffic over the bridge.

• Widths will be restricted on this oversized, overweight (OSOW) truck route. Alternative OSOW routes are available between Wisconsin and Minnesota.

• Pedestrian access will be maintained across the bridge with staging.

• Local and emergency access will be maintained to adjacent properties.

The WIS 77 project is calling for similar improvements and a similar three to four month completion time. This bridge is seven years older, built in 1984 and is having similar problems as the WIS 70 bridge.

The DOT added that river navigation will be maintained during these projects.

For more information about the project, contact WisDOT Consultant Project Manager Jeff Saxby at (920) 380-2805 or jsaxby@sehinc.com or WisDOT Project Supervisor Jeff Olson at (715) 395-3032 or jeffrey.olson@dot.wi.gov.