Burnett County is covered a blanket of snow. However, winter riding season does not begin until later this month. 

Winter riding season does not start until Dec. 16, regardless of snowfall totals and 

Part of the reason for keeping the trails closed is for public safety concerns with deer rifle season underway.

“It is the county’s policy to not open trails until all gun deer hunting seasons are over,” Jake Nichols said. Nichols is the Forest Administrator for Burnett County.

“After that, the state-funded snowmobile and winter ATV trails are open when a 4-inch snow base is present, and trails have been officially opened by the county,” Nichols added. “If we do not have snow, the Frozen Ground ATV Trail System is open for use when the ground is frozen.”

Nichols said there are a number of non-state funded trails across the county and those trails are managed and maintained by other local cubs.

Nichols said the state trails are managed by the Forest and Parks Department and then maintained by the Snow Trails Association.

The Forest and Parks Department also suggests following up with these websites for updates on the trails throughout the season. For trail updates go to To sign up for text or email updates on the trails go to and for the official Travel Wisconsin Snow Conditions report go to Other information regarding snowmobile rules can be found on the Burnett County Website,

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