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“911, what is your emergency?”

This question was heard 183 times in Burnett County and 242 times in Polk county by men, women and children calling for help. The people making these calls could have been your neighbor, someone you work with or possibly you or a family member. Each call was a call for help from a dangerous situation. Each call was a plea to be rescued from Domestic Violence. If you drive on Hwy 35 in Siren, look at the lot by the stop lights or as you are on Highway 35 in Milltown, look by the Village park. There you will see the purple pinwheels. Each pinwheel representing 1 call for help because of Domestic Violence.

Community Referral Agency (CRA), a Domestic and Sexual Violence Shelter located in Milltown is bringing awareness to domestic violence in Burnett and Polk counties by showing the number of times each county has received a call for domestic violence.

CRA is responsible for setting up the pinwheels last week.

Missy Rapp with CRA made a brief presentation to the Burnett County Public Safety committee about CRA. 

She said services CRA provides are free and confidential. Rapp’s position as outreach advocate is to help Burnett County residents.

There are many forms of DV.  Did you know that domestic violence isn’t just physical violence?  It can also be one or more of the following; verbal abuse, sexual abuse, financial abuse, psychological abuse or stalking which includes harassment over social media. Domestic violence can also be against men, women or children. It does not consider age, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, education level or income level. 

In their lifetime, 1 in 5 women and 1 in 7 men have reported having experienced severe physical violence from an intimate partner. The frequency and severity of Domestic Violence can vary dramatically from case to case.  It also may start with something like stalking and escalate to physical or sexual violence over time. 

If you or someone you know needs help or someone to talk to, please contact our facility. Our Advocates are trained to help survivors navigate through everything they may be dealing with and offer resources to help.

Milltown office/shelter 715-825-4414. Toll Free, 800-261-7233, TEXT LINE, 715-553-3359.